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Tao gives and gives and yet it is never exhausted, it wants for nothing as it is always giving. All things return to the source; the more they give the more they receive.

I drink from the mother’s breast, connected with the one source. The mother’s milk nourishes me and I shall want not for things of this world. I am not my mind, or my body or my emotions…. I am spirit.

I am the eye of the hurricane, a still point within the vortex of the matrix. The world blows by as everyone scurries about, but I alone am unmoved by mundane things. I want nothing from anyone but to be left in peace.

Sometimes I’m ahead and then sometimes I’m behind, and yet it matters not. My life is not for others, I am the flame, I cannot be burnt.  I have died the little death…. The past is irrelevant, the future does not exist… my spirit lives now and that is all that matters.

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  1. Nice, the hurricane image.

  2. Taoist Teachings Say; REST is the foundation of MOVEMENT. STILLNESS for TRANQUILITY. The movement comes before the rest. Now rest and be tranquil. The movement or flux was a transformation. Waxing and waning, rising and retiring, earth and heaven, yin and yang. All stirred by the movement. What lay still in the calm is stirred by the wind. by (H. P. Judd) “East meets West” a painting about this acknowledgment. Receptive to the flux around you, let the movement stir you providing transformation. Open to accept, tranquil to perceive says the I Ching. And with this openness, flux and tranquility one will be illuminated. A fish called W.

  3. From wuji comes taiji.. movement is born in stillness… stillness is the master of movement…We start out in stillness then spontaneously movement happens all by itself…
    born from the womb of tranquility

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