Taiji Postures Gallery #1   5 comments

Repulse Monkey Step

Golden Rooster

Kick with Sole

Holding Hands


White Crane Spreads its Wing



Single Whip

Lazy Tie the Coat from the Fast Form

Push Hand Through Mountain

5 responses to “Taiji Postures Gallery #1

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  1. Great Gallery … Ideal location for postures.
    I’d have liked a crisper focus, or a tad more light, on the figure.
    Background light and colors really beautiful.
    Great potential … Congratulations

    • It is always so nice at sunrise I wanted to capture the essence of Taiji at dawn. These photos are not intended to be a reference to the postures; just an expression of being in the moment.

  2. Great pics for “being in the moment!” And,I must say they are easier to “see” (as the form) than most of the u-tube and other handouts we are directed to.

    Thursday at the beach with the club was an experience never before attained. Awe-some is more than just a word. Thank you!

  3. I feel so lucky that I can see the West Maui Mountains from my home. Still half asleep I noticed the clouds that Saturday morning. Later seeing the photos on line it brought together for me the very reason Taiji has helped me to connect to the environment. Strong mountains, water, air, light, rhythm, balance, form, human.

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