Aloha, My name is Cory Williams I am a Taoist following the Way

I am a full-time Qigong, and Taiji instructor, teaching now for nineteen years.  My life is dedicated to sharing these arts with others.  I live alone, practicing, teaching, writing and studying Taoist arts exclusively.  

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My Teacher is Dong Zeng Chen

I can show you the Way, just as my teachers have shown me.  These Chinese masters, are life-long teachers of the Way. Please visit their web sites:

Zeng Chen Dong

Dong Zeng Chen Snake Creeps Down 12in

Alex Dong


Fong Ha


Zhou, Xuan Yun


Taijiquan styles include: Dong and Yang Forms, Hao Form, Dong Family Short Form, Taiji Sword, and Saber, Wudang Taijiquan and Wudang Taiyi Gong Fu and Sword.  As well as many Qigong forms, and Yiquan, Daoyin, Nei Gong, and Taoist Zouwang, sitting and forgetting meditation. If you wish to learn Taiji, Qigong, Gong Fu and Meditation, click on the schedule link above and come and enjoy a fun and life changing class.

These are my web sites:

The Maui Taoist

Qigong on Maui

Taiji on Maui






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