Aloha, My name is Cory Williams I am a Taoist following the Way That is what I do… That is all I do…

My life is my original true nature.

I have the same wish for everyone.

Inside each of us there is a perfect spirit,

In time, nurturing our spiritual embryo gives birth to a new self.

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I am a long time student of Dong Zeng Chen and the Dong family lineage. Both Grandmaster Dong Zeng Chen and his son, Alex Dong have authorized me to teach classes. I have been a professional educator for over thirty years, and  teaching Taiji, Qigong and Meditation on Maui for almost nineteen years.

While training with another of my teachers, Master Fong Ha, I discovered that he originally learned Taiji from Master Dong’s grandfather, Grandmaster Dong (Tung) Ying Jie.  This was a serendipitous discovery to be sure; to learn from three different men connected to the great Tung Ying Jie. Master Ha is also one of the only Yiquan masters in the world.

Working with Wudang monk, Master Zhou, Xuan Yun, has brought an amazing new focus to our training, while reinforcing and complimenting the teachings from Master Dong.

All of my teachers have been to Maui numerous times for camps and workshops; so you too will get a chance to train with the best of the best.

Taijiquan styles include, Dong and Yang Long Forms, Hao Long Form, Dong Family Short Form, Yang Style Sword, and Saber. Other forms include Wudang Taijiquan and Wudang Taiyi Five Element Fist Gong Fu, and Wudang Sword.  As well as many Qigong forms and exercises. If you wish to learn Taiji, Qigong, Gong Fu and Meditation, I teach  private classes and  I have 12 public classes each week.

I can show you the Way, just as my teachers have shown me.  These Chinese gentlemen are world famous  masters, and life-long teachers of the Way, Please visit their web sites:

Alex Dong

Zeng Chen Dong

Fong Ha

Zhou, Xuan Yun

These are my web sites:

The Maui Taoist

Qigong on Maui

Taiji on Maui

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