Americans Suffer Civil Rights Abuse   Leave a comment


Illegal cancelation of Taiji Classes.

Our constitutionally guaranteed rights have been stolen from us.

Our Local government is fining people $5000 for going out, doing taiji, even at the beach, no groups of any kind. This is completely illegal and is a travesty to our nation. Local politicians have stolen these rights from us. For the first time in history this has happened. Our way of life is under assault.

Therefore we cannot do Taiji, even though the best place to be is doing qigong and Taiji. For example: 80% of Wuhan flu transmissions happened to quarantined people. The safest place for people to be is outside in sunlight and fresh air, this is scientific fact. Destroying the rights of citizens and not allowing people to go to work is the worst civil rights abuse since slavery in the history of America.

Posted April 21, 2020 by The Maui Taoist in Uncategorized

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