Sword, Moon and Mars   3 comments

DSCF1829 (1).jpg

Cory Williams, Sword, Moon & Mars. Self portrait, Haiku, Hawaii, September 20, 2018

Practice, Practice, Practice…

This sword posture is called “Seven Stars” in reference to the Big Dipper. The Seven Stars point the way to Tao…

Practice, Practice, Practice…



Cory Williams ©2018

Posted September 20, 2018 by The Maui Taoist in Posture Gallery, Uncategorized, Weapons

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3 responses to “Sword, Moon and Mars

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  1. Practice….
    Doing Sword late one night, I tried and tried get a shot of the beautiful night sky here in Haiku. I took an hour and over 100 shots, and was finally rewarded with a composition exceeding my expectations.

    Lots of running back and forth. back and forth, Fuji X10 camera at ground level, getting the focal length right, 40mm, exposure, 2.5 seconds time exposure at f2.0. Film Speed 3200; and lots and lots of…


  2. Hi Cory, back on Maui!

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