Relax, Peace is within you…   6 comments

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Each day is a new beginning.
I believe many people today are arriving in the “New Millennia” finding out that everything has changed!
We are all fully realized in the material world. How else could you be reading this now?
It seems to me that we should want for nothing material anymore. The human race has definetly mastered materialism.
Today the world finds itself in many conflicts of culture and ideology, numerous countries are coming apart as well.
This time in human history we have more important things to resolve as we evolve as humans.
I believe spiritual and scientific paradoxes, if reasoned out, can be the breakthrough that transforms the human race.
Qigong, is spiritual and scientific, Taoist philosophy resolves and harmonizes all paradoxes.
Qigong can bring the human race to a new awakening like no other discipline in history.

Train each day,
Know that every breath is the spirit returning,

Reduce your desires and cravings…
Simplify your involvements in the world…
Calm your mind and let go your burdens.

Enter the enlightened age of peace and harmony through Taiji!

Copyright Cory Williams 2013

6 responses to “Relax, Peace is within you…

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  1. Thank you Cory. I needed to hear this today.

  2. Thank you Cory. We loved it…
    …We definitely want to see Fong Ha again so keep us posted on when he is coming.

  3. … thank you for the message… see you on Monday.

  4. And peace to you, Cory. Interesting message and nice photo…!

    Yvette C. Pettengill
  5. Aloha Cory,

    How are you feeling? The people at Yoga were asking about you today. Hope you are healing nicely.

    Kathy & Larry

  6. Beautifully said.
    Your new student, Kristina

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