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The Dragon dwells in Heaven, roaming amongst the stars… drifting in and out of the clouds. Aloof from the world, he is always observant of it. Enigmatic and free, the Dragon soars effortlessly, adrift in time upon an endless sea of tranquility. He is clarity and calm, peace and emptiness. Like a mysterious cloud, the dragon caresses the Earth, always sensitive to the subtleties of the relationship between Heaven and Earth.  In heaven, he is yin as yin is within yang… and yet there is a yang spirit hidden within….

Gliding over the Earth, melding into the forests and mountain tops, the Dragon gathers Earth qi within, mixing Heaven and Earth, building and focusing his Heaven qi to interact with the Earth.

In an instant, the Tiger emerges, like a thunderbolt from Heaven. Heaven and Earth qi combine and the Tiger is born from the union. The Dragon’s energy transforms.  The Tiger pounces, Heaven and Earth are manifest. Entering the Earthly realm, the Tiger strikes and fulfills the needs of everything he encounters. He is action and strength, motion and power. Like a wildfire, the Tiger creates magic on Earth. On Earth, he is yang as yang is within yin, and yet, there is a yin spirit hidden within….

Sleeping by the lake, the gentle Tiger rests his yang…
Peacefully nurtured by the guidance of the Earth qi…
The Tiger’s spirit floats across the lake, rising in the fog…
His yin qi carried aloft bringing with it the resting yang energy, transforming, recombining, and emerging once again as the Dragon.

This is Taiji

Copyright: Cory Williams 2011

2 responses to “This is Taiji…

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  1. So subtly woven into metaphors the analogies above are for me based on truth. And because they are distilled to there essence they are open to interpretation. Just last night I awoke with a thought ….. (it was like Taiji). It must of been derived from a conversation I had earlier with a fellow Taiji colleague who felt a sensation of being acutely aware of her presence in movement. Could it be a subtle transformation from one second to the next like how the water morphs into fog emerging from the lake! I think so.

  2. This is very deep -The dragon is awsome , clear and radeint but the mountains and rivers are shrouded in clouds and mist as the westerly winds move through, the clouds begin to clear , the fire beneath emerges , crops abound, rivers are clear and clean, and the mountain tops have no castles and the dragon is empty and complete . Just a guess

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