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Would you go?

What if you searched your whole life for something; what if you invested everyday and night, thousands of days, tens of thousands of hours, year after year in a quest towards a goal and when you finally did everything you were told and after years of waiting, and then, you found out, there was nothing?

What if someone suggested to you to dedicate your whole life, practice diligently and someday you would find nothing, and you knew that going into the journey; would you be interested in going then; doing all the practices, training endlessly and even though it was a blissful journey, only to find out that there was no end goal, would you still go?

What if you could grasp the concept that everything and nothing are made from the same thing…would you go then?

Tao unravels all the mysteries to truth, peace, contentedness and salvation and yet, in essence, there is nothing there. Everything is possible from nothing; nothing and everything define each other. The journey is all there is, the path to non-doing starts at doing.

Practice long and diligently, then you will find your qi….
Continued practice and dedication will guide you to your spirit…
Practice, practice and practice some more and eventually you will find nothing.

Jing, Qi, Shen is the Way to return to the source…Tao

The spirit dissolves into Tao, just as your practice dissolved your body into qi and then continued practice dissolved your qi into spirit…

A place where all things merge into nothing is waiting for you. After years of practice you will find the truth; eventually bringing you back to the source of all things.


Copyright 2011 Cory Williams

6 responses to “The Ultimate

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  1. Yes, the daily unfolding mystery is the gift. 🙂

  2. I cannot wrap my mind around all this. But it is intriguing!!

    • Well…. this is the point of another (up coming) post on meditation.
      Let me just say this for now…Tao is a process not just a “thing”. In the beginning, practitioners use their minds and bodies together to discern the primordial energy that is known as “qi”. At this point aspirants switch their focus to the qi instead of always using the mind and the body together. After an awareness of qi is formed and students can feel it directly, things start to change internally. A new sense of “self ” evolves, a new reality if you will. This awareness is that you are not (and never were) your mind or your body…. that in fact you are and always have been “Energy” or “Qi”. Over time and with practice there is another realization, that in fact, if you are energy…. and the spirit is also energy… it becomes obvious that we are actually spirit. The spirit is possible of transformations and realizations that a beginner mind can not comprehend. Entering into this realm we can see that we can begin to let go of all constructs… and “forget” that which came before as it is now irrelevant. This eventually brings the enlightened notion that if we can let go of every construct we can dissolve into a state awareness that transcends all worldly things

  3. I am being moderate! It wasn’t my first impression.

  4. I wanna go… I am resistant thinking will something emerge from nothingness? But as I look at the blue in the photo I see an etherial sky. Something beyond our ordinary senses … transcendent and primordial. Why do people and animals have faith in migration? Heading into the blue? I look back to the Taiji Symbol again of yin and yang and think okay balance and set no boundaries. As they say in Maui “Eddie would go”

  5. Eddie would definitely go!… actually he did

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