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Wudang Taiji On Maui  Workshop 2011

Zhou, Xuan Yun will come to Maui in April!

Remember the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and how amazed the world was with the Wudang arts?  Now you have a chance to work with a genuine disciple of Wudang. I have been in communication with Zhou, Xuan Yun and he has agreed to come here to Maui for a workshop in April.

Xuan Yun was raised on Wudang Mountain, the spiritual center for all Taoists.  The monks from Wudang spend their lives training in the Taoist arts including meditation, qigong, taijiquan and gong fu.  The wealth of knowledge embodied within these arts and carried forward by people like Xuan Yun is beyond the imagination.

Xuan Yun and I have put together a workshop for the week of April 17th.  The schedule is for four days in April; 17, 18, 19 & 20th.

We will be at the Filipino Community Center, a large and beautiful hall located in Kahului. We will start out with some basics and by the fourth day we will be going over the details and martial art aspects of Taijiquan. This workshop will be great for any level of Taiji player.

For more info on Xuan Yun, and to book your space at the Wudang Taiji on Maui Workshop, go to:  http://daoistgate.com/

If you are interested or want more details,  just e-mail me at corygw57@yahoo.com with “Wudang On Maui”  in the subject line. You can see the whole schedule and prices at http://www.daoistgate.com you can even book and pay there too!

Xuan Yun’s Bio: http://daoistgate.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=29

This is an incredible opportunity to learn directly from the source of Taoist thought. There are only a handful of people in the entire world that can even get close to doing something like this, and you may be so blessed.

Zhou, Xuan Yun will teach a four-day workshop at the Filipino Community Center on Onehee Street in Kahului, April 17, 18,19th and 20th

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3 responses to “Wudang on Maui

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  1. So very exciting for all of Maui. The West Maui Mountains resemble the clouds floating through the Wudang Mts. today, creating a connection or affinity.

    Wudang Taiji Five Element Form gives a message to ….. transform vital essence into vital energy ….. transforming vital energy into spirit …. returning spirit to the void ….. returning the void to the universe ….. and being at one with heaven and earth. You have something with the idea of bringing Wudang to Maui. Thanks!

  2. Bravo! I have had the privilege of visiting Wudang three times. It is a special place. To have someone bring that energy to Maui will be welcome. Keep us informed.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Cory, and for making this visit possible. I am looking forward to this event!

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