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Zhong Xue Chao, (Bing), is a Taoist monk and grew up training on Wudang Mountain. He is the purveyor of, and he exemplifies the essence of Tao

Devotion to training is its own reward.  Making love to the energy that sustains you nurtures your soul.  Embracing the feeling that moves us is simple. Why would anyone not keep training; I am not sure I could relate to that?

Master Dong was just here, and I spent 18 hours with him over a weekend, that week I also had 11 classes and spent an additional few hours training on my own….the result of over 30 hours of Taiji and Qigong training in one week?  I want more!

I just added two new weekly classes (soon to be announced) and I am doing a series of Qigong seminars with Kaiser October 14th, 21st and 28th.  I also have renewed energy for my personal training showing up one hour early to all my regular classes to train on some new and some old forms.  Therefore, I will be stepping up my training to about thirty hours every week.  My point is this, the more you feel your Qi the more it will provide for you that which you know in your heart is the best thing for you.

Once you learn the secret of the energy, that being the fact that YOU are made of energy, know that, cultivate that, and fully embrace that concept, your life will completely change.  What you thought “life” was will be redefined.  Life is Energy! It lives in you, you control this energy, and it will heal you from within if you let it.

Have you ever noticed how much energy you have when you feel inspired, like if you fall in love…? You can clean house, go to work, and never get tired? Energy comes to you from a mysterious place, we have all have had these feelings…..Would you be “depressed” if you won the lottery?  Would you be “bored” if you had a million dollars in your pocket?

The winning lottery ticket is as simple as devotion to Qigong training.

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  1. Hi Cory…i read this article…just wondering if you have or will have a qigong class in Kihei, as i inquired some time ago?….Hope this finds you well! I enjoyed your “senior” class in lahaina…yet the drive was a bit much for me at the time!…Thanks! Susan Malm

  2. Master Dong
    Like pressing a camera shutter.
    That very moment. Etched into me.
    I see your face – Beauty. Then you
    share your family faces with me.
    Movements expressed are soft,deliberate,
    A lasting impression. I see your face.
    I thank you. It restores my faith in humanity.
    It restores my Qi.

  3. Inspirational thoughts Cory. Devotion to Spirit. Just a few words can say it all. I must respond again. Another dialog between me and my spirit below.

    Mahina the Hawaiian moon.
    She awakens me again.
    Making love to my spirit.
    Devotion, I realize I have no alternative.
    She beckons me.
    So I am energy! Einstein says E=MC Squared.
    E= Energy, M is matter, C squared is a large # the speed of light.
    The speed of light!!!!! Will I ever sleep?

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