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We cannot "save the planet"

Did you know?

The earth has survived volcanoes, ice ages, earthquakes, floods, erosion, plate tectonics, collisions with asteroids, gamma ray bursts, and who knows whatever for billions of years; always surviving, evolving and adapting.

Did you also know that in China in 1931 between one and 2.5 million people died in a flood?
Or that also in China in 1887 between 900,000 and 2 million people died in a flood.
In addition, in 1556, an earthquake killed 830,000 in China.
And another earth quake in China in 1976 left 242,419 people dead? And in 1920, 243,117?
How about the earthquake-generated tsunami in Indonesia, 230,000 lives lost.
And the death toll in Haiti is estimated at 230,000?

The eruption of the Volcano in Iceland puts more CO2 into the air in one day than the entire population of Europe did in the last 100 years.  And did you know that CO2 is a scant 0.033% of the atmosphere; and it is the only source of life for all the green plants on the Earth?

Did you also know 250 million people each year get malaria resulting in between one to 2.7 million deaths? In addition, did you know that environmentalists, through the EPA banned DDT, and yet DDT was heralded as having saved over 500 million lives in the two decades before it was banned?

The bottom line is: we cannot “save the planet” and conversely we cannot destroy the planet. Are we so arrogant that we think we can destroy the planet when we are only a minuscule drop in an ocean of planetary history?  Everything here is from here….whatever we dig up, or burn or eat or whatever, came from here and it is going to stay here. The planet will adapt and evolve. We may not adapt however, and so life goes on. The planet will be fine.

Yin/Yang, Taoist thought understands these things, sure, we all want a clean environment, and we also don’t want millions to die from malaria or perish in cheaply made lightweight vehicles.  Nature always works things out.  If we are not meant to survive then, we will not. Perhaps we need war and disease to teach us what to do, or what not to do. These things are all part of nature, even our strange lifestyle is part of nature, as are we. There are those people that will not eat meat and consider it wrong for people to eat meat, do they protest the tiger, fighting extinction, and begrudge him his last meal?

Heaven and Earth are eternal, our physical selves, not so much. The Human experience for an individual is all we have here and now. Do not fret or worry about mother Earth, she will survive. Our only challenge is to deal with each moment correctly, enjoy what we have and let nature take its course.

If we are going to live full and joyous lives, we need to live in harmony with the way things are, adapt and overcome. To change with change is the way of nature; to be discontent is the greatest misfortune.

Happy Earth Day

7 responses to “Earth Day

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  1. You hit it! You captured a significant concept – something so many of us are trying to understand or grasp. Thanks for being able to verbalize it.

    You are amazing -keep up this great spirit — thank you so very much,


  2. I really loved your post. It is true, all of it. I think many people get caught up in the doom and gloom, when we all should be looking at what is beautiful and wonderful. Mother Earth will live and thrive and change, we need to change too. Hey in that movie Advatar… I see you…. and you are AWESOME.

  3. Well said Christine … I’ll second that.

  4. What about Father God?

  5. An interesting perspective you share in your most recent post, one I am interested in learning more about. (Inspired by your website, I am reading the Tao de Ching.) In my present frame of mind, however, I find that the perspective is a bit passive. As a woman, I also find that without some element of (balance with) “arrogance,” the so called natural course could keep women and children in an unimaginable position. Who is to say that arrogance is not a natural phenomenon for humans?

    It strikes a deep chord that worry is indeed a misfortune.

    Thanks for your posts and the TaiJi!

  6. Not “worry” that is an essential emotion that moves us to proper action. To be dis-content would be to ignore that emotion of worry and that would cause you to be discontent because you would know in your heart that you were repressing a necessary emotion.

    The five emotions corresponding to the “Five Elements” of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal are:
    Fear leads to Anger then to Passion and then to Worry which leads to Grief and then to fear.

    Worry leads to grief…. all these thing are natural and in fact each emotion is the cure for the one before it.

    Worry should lead to grief and the cure for grief is fear the cure for fear is anger the cure for anger is passion and the cure for passion is ….Worry

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