Know the Workings of Heaven   6 comments

Galaxy M-81

The sage sees the universe without looking out his window
The sage understands the workings of the universe without going out the door.

He does this by knowing that universe that lives within him, and that he is a microcosm made from Heaven and Earth, created by celestial design.

Little did you realize that all the wonders of the “modern science” of astrophysics reside within you…Like a pulsar within a nebula, our spiritual star powers layers of energy that radiate out into our personal world and merge into the universe around us!

Our star of spiritual energy, contained within our nebulous body floats in a galaxy of others within our communities.  The collections of community galaxies live within a universe we call “life on earth”

Cultivate your energy. Refresh your star center with the flux of the universe that flows to you. Shine brightly, replenish your body and let the light of heaven shine out through you.

6 responses to “Know the Workings of Heaven

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  1. I’m enjoying each and every post. They are truly a big help in understanding these ancient mysteries.

  2. Each day I learn …every unfolding moment brings insight

  3. Congrats on getting the blog setup. I never realized how shallow I am after reading your blogs! Sounds like things are starting to level out for you! Great blog!

    • Hi Pamela thanks for your commentary. Everyone has a vast universe within and yet we seldom venture there…once the beauty is discovered it is often explored by the adventurous spirit!

  4. Very new to this thing, still learning about this sport. This is a excellent thing that my friend recommended to me, I never getting involved with it but soon will be Thanks! 🙂

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