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Thanks for all the support; there were twenty people at my new class on Tuesday Dec 1st.

I’m expanding my Taiji family, it was great to meet new people that  understand how important learning Taiji is.

Today I was talking with some new friends and I had a thought…

To improve our quality of life, we have many options with various paths.

You could, for instance, take a Yoga class, or Aerobics, maybe a Martial Arts class, or Dance, Weight lifting would help…..Maybe go for a  Walk, some Calisthenics, Pilates,  Fendelkris, or Swimming.

Then of course you would need to see your Massage Therapist, a Chiropractor,  or maybe a Physical Therapist, or maybe even an Orthopedic Surgeon. Later, it would be nice to Meditate, get some Quiet Time, or else you may need to  see a Spiritual Counselor, or a Psychiatrist.

After that you could Relax, Read some Philosophy, and ponder what a true act of Self Love might be.

Or… you could start on the Taiji Path and get all these benefits simultaneously and with… no effort…without joining a gym, or purchasing any equipment; and at the same time, become aware of any changes in your health before you might need  a doctors visit.

Certainly Taiji and Qigong will save you all the time you would have spent chasing after all those other paths.

And…….Taiji could save your life!

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  1. 20 people at your new class!!!! That’s fabulous!!!

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