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Posted October 16, 2011 by The Maui Taoist

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  1. G’Day! Taijionmaui,
    Thanks you for your post, Ok, so I’m readin through…so and so begat this clown and so and so begot that clown and “he lived for 800 and some years!” and “he lived almost 900 years!” WOW! What to hell happened to natural selection!
    How in the HELL did we lose our longevity?~!@! I want to live for 800 years….waaaaaaa~! What to heck happened? Seems like if natural selection is good science(and it seems like pretty good science) we would now have evolved into a life expectancy of say 1200 years since the time of this recorded genealogical record….hmmmm? No? yes? hmmm? THanks!
    Great Job!

  2. Aloha Amanda,
    Now a days…
    A lot of people still make it to about 100
    There are quite a few up to 110
    A very few up to 115…
    Personally I’m shooting for 120 lets push the envelope!
    There were supposedly people living up to about 130 referenced in biblical times and under what you might call longevity myths; most of these “myths” are quite specific about the ages until you get over 150 years then they start to get a little wild. There are lots of Chinese stories of 200+ too. I believe it is may be possible to live to 200 without “modern augmentation” yet realistically the150 YOA limit seems more reasonable just by averaging some of these claims. Anyone making 100 is amazing, one my grand mothers lived to about 94 and she ate junk like donuts and Velveeta cheese, she kept telling us she wanted to die for about the last 20 year of her life…. maybe that is the secret, have a bad attitude and eat poison and want to die and you will live forever?

  3. Howdy yall ! I just now discovered your website. I was reading from the book called “Lunar Tao” by the writer named “Deng Ming-Doa”,where he mentions 100 Chinese Characters for the word “longevity”, so then I felt prompted to search the web and was led to your website. Thanks for the info yall ! I added your website as a shortcut to the homescreen on my smarphone. Very impressive website ! Keep up the good work yall ! I expect to learn a lot of good info from this website . May yall be blessed with long happy life. Thanks . My nickname is “Turtle”. Stay focused & keep up the good work yall !

    Brian Wayne Dick ("Turtle"

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